Need financing for a manufactured home?  Whether you are considering buying a mobile home in town or on rural acreage, MK Mortgage Group will find a mortgage that's right for you.

MK Mortgage Group is able to offer the lowest lender direct manufactured home loan rates possible along with a variety of manufactured home loan programs to meet your needs. We will guide you through the loan process, providing you with the exceptional service you expect from an A+ rated lender. We offer fixed rate financing, no pre-payment penalties, no application fees and we are proud to be an equal housing loan provider.

MK Mortgage Group can get you approved fast, typically in hours, not days or weeks! We are available 7 days a week to help you!



Refinancing your home to a lower interest rate can lower your monthly payments, get a fixed rate loan, or get you away from that lender that keeps putting unfair demands on you to keep your manufactured home. Reducing your monthly payments can save thousands of dollars every year!

If your manufactured home is in good condition and there is a sufficient amount of equity in your home, additional options such as an equity cash-out or debt consolidation manufactured home mortgage can be an option. Our Staff will quickly ascertain whether refinancing your manufactured home will be beneficial. Our goal is to make sure each and every customer is offered the right mobile home finance option.


Q: I have less than perfect credit, can MK Mortgage group LLC help?
A: Yes! MK Mortgage Group has the resources to help people out who have had past credit problems. Lower credit scores do not automatically disqualify you from getting a loan.

Q: Can I use a Co-Applicant to qualify with MK Mortgage Group?
A: Yes, as long as the co-applicant will be residing in the home. We do not allow friends or relatives that will not live in the home to co-sign on our manufactured home loans.

Q: Will my property qualify for a mobile home mortgage from MK Mortgage Group?
Yes!  If your home is larger than 400 square feet, newer than June 15th, 1976, and is permanently attached to your land.

Q: My mobile home has deed restrictions, can you lend on the property?                             

YES!  Deed restrictions are very common in expensive areas of the country to help local workers in the community by providing affordable housing. 

Q: My manufactured home is in a park and/or on leased land. Can MK Mortgage Group help me?
A: No. MK Mortgage Group LLC requires that your home be on a permanent foundation (call us for more information on this) and be attached to your own land.

Q: Does MK Mortgage Group offer 100% mobile home financing?
A: Yes!  For brand new, never lived in manufactured homes on rural acreages, or if you are a veteran you can get 100% financing! 
For previously placed manufactured homes, you can purchase with as little as 3.5% down payment! 
You that you don't need 10%, 20% 30% down or more, that other lenders require. 


Located in Elizabeth, Colorado, MK Mortgage Group LLC specializes in purchasing and refinancing of modular and manufactured home loans statewide. We are familiar with the uniquely Colorado market that has a mix of city life and rural living and the lending requirements of each.

At MK Mortgage Group, our goal is to personalize every transaction to each customer’s situation. Whether you are buying or refinancing a manufactured home, our experienced staff is ready to help.